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Our Extensive Selection of Beers

At the Rose & Shamrock we have the largest Beer selection in the Hawke’s Bay.
You won’t be disappointed in the range we supply.

Amstel Light

Amstel Light

Established in Amsterdam in 1870, this classic Dutch lager is an ageless beer that has appealed to generations of global drinkers.

Amstel Light at 2.5% abv is a full flavoured light beer that is brewed from a full strength beer where the alcohol has been removed using a unique cold process. This process allows Amstel Light to maintain its full flavor which is the key point of difference for this market leading light beer.

2.5% ABV



Boddingtons has been enjoyed by beer drinkers in England for more than 200 years, and is well known for its creamy head and smooth body.

It is now sold in over 30 countries worldwide. A gold to copper color, low carbonation and medium to high bitterness. Hop flavor and aroma may be non-existent to mild.

3.5% ABV

Coopers Celebration Ale

Coopers Celebration Ale

Coopers Brewery released this beer to mark its 150th anniversary. Coopers Celebration Ale is a hops-driven traditional ale with a dark-red hue that is distinctly different in style to Coopers’ other beers.

It incorporates three different hops varieties – Centennial from the USA, Nelson Sauvin from New Zealand and Pride of Ringwood from Australia – to produce a beer that displays strong estery characteristics. It has a rich aroma of fruity esters with a slight hint of citrus and has a warm finish on the palate. It is also slightly more bitter than other Coopers ales.

5.2% ABV

Coopers Original Pale Ale

Coopers Original Pale Ale

With its fruity character, and robust flavour, Coopers Pale Ale is perfect for every occasion.

Naturally fermented in the ‘Burton-on-Trent’ style, a secondary fermentation creates the trademark sediment that gives ‘Pale’ its fine cloudy appearance.

4.5% ABV

Coopers Sparkling Ale

Coopers Sparkling Ale

Coopers Sparkling Ale is brewed naturally by the centuries-old top fermentation method just as it was in the beginning by Thomas Cooper.

This beer displays a solid head and a distinctive, full-bodied flavour enhanced by a soft, fruity character and the sediment which gives it a cloudy appearance.

5.8% ABV

Coopers Best Extra Stout

Coopers Stout

Now here’s a beer with punch.

Coopers Stout is a beacon for lovers of a hearty brew. With its robust flavour comprising a blend of fruit, chocolate and hop bitter notes it’s everything a stout should be.

Brewed naturally using a top fermentation method, Coopers Stout’s unique rich, dark texture comes from specially roasted black malt.

6.3% ABV

Erdinger Weissbrau

Erdinger Weissbier

Erdinger Weissbier is a world famous premium wheat beer imported from Erding, a small town in the heart of old Bavaria, 20 miles north east of Munich.

Brewed since 1886 in accordance to the Bavarian Law of Purity 1516, the oldest food law in the world, Erdinger Weissbier uses the finest wheat, barley and malt together with selected hops and crystal clear water to produce one of the world’s finest and most refreshing wheat beers.

5.6% ABV

Export 33 Beer

Export 33

Naturally brewed 33% longer to remove all the sugars you don’t need and give you all the flavour you want, Export 33 continues Morton Coutts’ tradition of taking on convention and confounding critics.

4.6% ABV

Export Gold Lager

Export Gold

In 1960 Morton Coutts discovered the Holy Grail of beer, continuous fermentation. A process that unlike batch brewing, meant once the brewing started the beer literally never stopped flowing. The process was adopted by the rest of the World and the beer that flowed was Export Gold.

Export Gold is a refreshing, golden lager beer renowned for its smoothness and full flavour.

4.0% ABV

Fuller's ESB Ale

Fullers E.S.B

ESB has a wonderful rich mahogany appearance. Taking in the nose, the beer is bursting with cherry and orange, balanced by soft malty toffee and caramel notes. The flavour delivers everything you would expect from such a full-bodied ale.

The unique blend of Northdown, Target, Challenger and Goldings hops imparts grassy, peppery notes on the tongue along with intense citrus fruit characters of grapefruits, oranges and lemons.

The blend of Pale Ale and Crystal malts in the brew give a biscuity, toffee element to the beer. A smooth, mellow bitterness lingers on the palate to give a superbly satisfying finish.

5.5% ABV

Fuller's London Porter

Fullers London Porter

Fuller’s London Porter, is widely regarded as the World’s Finest Porter: having won awards all over the world. Rich, dark and complex, at 5.4% ABV the beer has an outstanding depth of flavour.

It is brewed from a blend of Brown, Crystal and Chocolate malts for a creamy delivery balanced by traditional Fuggles hops.

5.4% ABV

Fuller's London Pride

Fullers London Pride

London Pride is a smooth and astonishingly complex beer, which has a distinctive malty base complemented by a rich balance of well developed hop flavours from the Target, Challenger and Northdown varieties in the brew.

4.1% ABV

Guest Beer International

Rogue Farms OREgasmic Pale Ale

Orange-amber in color, malty aroma, spicy fruity hop flavor with solid malt background and lingering finish

ABV: 6.0 %

2320 OSU Drive, Newport, Oregon, USA



Guest Beer Local

Peak Brewery Mt St Helens APA

A big and bold American-style pale ale is defined by the American hops used. Typical to all American Pale Ales the hops have a high bitterness and aroma. Enjoy

ABV: 6.0%

160 East Taratahi Road, RD7, Masterton

Guinness Draught


Guinness is a beer like no other. Brewed with extra hops and roasted barley for a natural bite. Bitter and sweet. Refreshingly crisp. Always rewarding.

Pure beauty.


4.2% ABV

Kilkenny Draught


Kilkenny is an Irish cream ale which originated in Kilkenny, Ireland.

Kilkenny is very similar to Smithwick’s Draught; however, it has a nitrogenated cream head similar to Guinness.

The ‘Kilkenny’ name was originally used during the 1980s and 1990s to market a stronger version of Smithwick’s for the European and Canadian market due to difficulty in pronunciation of the word ‘Smithwick’s’. It now refers to a similar yet distinct beer.

4.3% ABV

Thatchers Cider

Monteith's Celtic Red Beer

Montieths Celtic Red Ale

An Irish-style red ale with a raft of hidden flavours ranging from a smoky kiln roast to a smooth chocolate maltiness.

Perfect for the moment dinner is finally under control.

5.0% ABV

Monteith's Crushed Apple Cider

Montieths Crushed Apple Cider

A light, refreshing French-style cider made from 100% sun-ripened Nelson apples which have been freshly crushed to retain their natural flavour. Not from a syrup concentrate.

Perfect for the moment you feel the sun on your back.

4.5% ABV

Monteith's Golden Lager

Montieths Golden Lager

A smooth malty character with a rounded cashew nut flavour coaxed from the premium Munich Malts. You’ll find there’s just enough hops to create a crisp, refreshing beer.

Perfect for the moment you fire up the BBQ.

5.2% ABV

Monteith's Original Ale

Montieths Original Ale

Offering a full and complete beer flavour with hops dominating the aroma and taste. Brewed true to the original Monteith’s family recipe of 1868.

Perfect for the moment you knock off work.

4.0% ABV

Monteith's Pilsner Beer

Montieths Pilsner Beer

An eastern European-style lager with immense flavour and enormous hop character, this premium beer leaves you with a clean, crisp taste.

Perfect for the moment you finish the lawns.

5.0% ABV

Monteith's Radler Bier

Montieths Radler Beir

Easy drinking with light hoppy notes and a hint of natural lemon juice. Let this zesty beer refresh you with its tangy citrus finish.

Perfect for the moment you feel the sand beneath your toes.

5.0% ABV

Murphy's Irish Red

Murphy’s Irish Red

Murphy’s Red was originally brewed as Lady’s Well Ale in 1856. “Our Lady’s Well” is still located across the road from the brewery in Cork.

Murphy’s Red uses the same recipe to continue that fine taste today. Murphy’s Red Ale is a top fermented ale first brewed at the Lady’s Well Brewery in 1856 and is still brewed today with the traditional brewing methods and recipe.

5.0% ABV

Murphy's Irish Stout

Murphy’s Irish Stout

Brewed in Cork since 1856, Murphy’s offers the discerning stout consumer a smooth, creamy, easy-to drink alternative to other stouts.

Murphy’s is made with all natural ingredients, and is subject to rigorous quality controls to ensure that each pint is perfect.

Murphy’s claimed the Gold Medal for stout at the 2002 International Brewing awards, a true testimony of the superior taste and commitment to quality.

4.0% ABV

Rose and Shamrock Irish Draught

A great tasting, easy drinking, full-flavoured authentic draught beer.

4.0% ABV

Tiger Beer


The secret of Tiger Beers distinctive taste comes from its quality ingredients and meticulous brewing process that involves over 200 quality checks.

What makes Tiger Beer truly stand out is a unique strain of yeast specially cultured in Holland and used in the bottom-fermentation process. Light but full bodied, refreshing!

5.0% ABV

Tui East India Pale Ale


‘East India Pale Ale’ was first brewed in England last century for the colonies East of India such as New Zealand and Australia.

The beer was unpasteurised and secondary fermentation occured in the bottle during the long journey. Thirsty settlers loved its natural effervescent character and we reckon it still hits the spot today.

Tui’s East India Pale Ale pours an amber colour with a fairly thin off-white head. It has a little malt on the nose, and a suggestion of red fruits (berries and plums), but all rather subdued. On the palate it becomes quite creamy and mouth-filling, with an initial edge of sweetness. That sweet quality persists, though some fruity notes and a touch of raisiny character comes through. Malt is moderate, and hops are too

4.0% ABV

Tui Dark Ale

Tui Dark

It is a concoction of 5 specially selected malts, NZ hops and fresh water from the Mangatainoka River, giving a charred malt flavour balanced with a touch of bitterness and a refreshing finish leaving you wanting to go back for another.

Formerly Mangatainoka Dark.

4.0% ABV

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